A big thanks to Orthovet for their wonderful feline front leg brace. Before we discovered your brace, Scamper had to walk on his ‘wrist’, which caused him to be quite twisted in his spine and to lose the fur on his wrist where he dragged it on the floor. Now when wearing your brace, he walks upright without being hunched over. He does everything with his brace on, runs, jumps and even chases our other cat all around the house! He goes outside on his rope with his brace on quite successfully.

Thank you again for giving Scamper a normal life despite his ‘disability’. We are indebted to you forever!

Arlene Eric & Scamper


Merilyn will need something for the rest of his life, he is happy with the splint and is playing and running around … I am glad that there is something that I can use that makes life easier for Merilyn and my family!”



Hip-Hop sitting on top of the birdseed container (which 20 minutes earlier was on top of the refrigerator – FULL). “To everyone at OrthoVet, thank you for your wonderful product!”

Hip-Hop & Nanci


“I have used the OrthoVet splint most recently…

As an alternative treatment for partial Achilles tendon injuries. Support following Achilles tendon injuries, and carpal & tarsal arthrodeses. Rehab from sciatic nerve injury. Assistance with significant carpus varus due to systemic disease. Correction of poor conformation of the hock joint (hyperextension). All of these animals have readily used their splints within minutes of application and my clients have enthusiastically embraced them as well.”

Peter D. Schwarz, DVM, DipACVS
Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in small animals


Kasey in his “Bootie Style” Splint – Nerve Paralysis due to stroke.
“My dog was hit by a car and broke his pelvic bones. As a result he ended up with hind limb paralysis or Knuckling of the back feet. I got online and found OrthoVet Splints and ordered them. In 2 months he was up and running with a single drag of the knuckles. It was miracle if I ever saw one! Thank you OrthoVet Splints.”

Carol W.


“THANK-YOU very much for the splint. It has made all the difference in Pearl Ann’s life. When she wears her splint she can run, jump, swim and play without any problems! When she doesn’t have her splint on, she can barely walk and has to be helped when she stands. Since wearing it she has lost 10 lbs and we are going to try surgery again this summer, knowing that we have the splint to have for her to wear to give her leg support after her post-surgery cast is removed. Thank-you again!!”

Stacey M.


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