OrthoVet Casting Kit – Essential materials needed to create a fiberglass casting of your dogs leg.

Custom made orthotics require a casting of your pets limb.  Kit includes all of the essential materials, forms and instructions to complete a casting. Ship your casting to OrthoVet and we create an orthotic that fits like a glove! Each custom made orthotic is tailored towards your pets injury.

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OrthoVet Casting Kit

This casting kit gives you everything you need to create a cast.  It is highly recommended that a veterinary professional do the casting (custom made splints are a non-refundable item and incorrect casting cause defects in your custom made splint )

Kit includes:

  • 2″ casting tape (One roll per kit)
  • Cutting Tube
  • Stockinet
  • OrthoVet Custom Splint Order Form
  • Instructions

*does not include Cast Scissors

Animals over 120 lbs. will require 2 kits

Additional information

Weight.8 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 4 in