As pet owners, most of us would prefer not to think about our canine or feline companion ever sustaining an orthopedic injury. Not only do we cringe at the thought of our animal friend in pain, but also at the high cost of treatment or surgery.

pet orthotics hock splint

This dog is wearing the OrthoVet Hock Splint, available at our online store.

Luckily, developments in pet rehabilitation – including pet orthotics and splinting/bracing devices – has helped treat and maintain many orthopedic conditions and injuries successfully, with and without surgical intervention. When combined with the proper rehabilitation plan, these splints or braces often provide an alternative to surgery.

Some advantages of using splinting or bracing in the rehabilitation process are:

  • Keeping the dog or cats leg in a normal walking position allowing the injured limb to continue normal weight bearing.
  • Providing extra support for fractures of the lower limb.
  • Reducing the cost and time associated with casting, bandaging and degloving injuries.
  • Preventing knuckling of lower limb associated with nerve paralysis.
  • Easing of application and lightweight construction increases owner and patient compliance.
  • Keeping the lower limb in a normal position to reduce contracture problems.

The above list is just a short summary of the many injuries a splint or brace can help stabilize. It is important to work closely with your Veterinary Rehabilitation Professional to insure the best fit and function of an orthopedic device.

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