Sahara Rain

Recently OrthoVet fabricated a splint for Sahara Rain.  (the Pot Belly Pig you see above)  We are happy to help Sahara stay “On the Move”.  Please read her story below.

This is Sahara Rain who was named after a Swedish rock group I was listening to waiting for a radio interview of my sanctuary for Pot Belly Pigs. Noah’s Ark Pot Belly Pig Sanctuary, Inc.

We are a no kill , non profit sanctuary for abandoned and abused pot belly pigs. Sahara was found wandering the streets at only five weeks old when she should have still been with her mom.

Some people who caught her brought her to me because they could not get her to eat. Well, Sahara is now 2 years old on or about the 4th of March as close as we could figure.

She started limping and I took her for several x-rays. Sahara was diagnosed with a Salter Harris fracture ( Class 3 ) . It was decided to put her in a cast. Dr. Nayfield did that for Sahara and she

wore that for a little over 5 weeks. It was taken off and Ortho Vet was contacted and Dr. Nayfield and Ortho Vet got together as how to do a brace for a pig since one had never been done for a pig.

Sahara is doing quite well and is very use to the brace and does not mind it at all now.

I want  to thank Dr. Nayfield, Dr. Kennedy and Ortho Vet for making it possible for Sahara’s leg to start healing .

Lynne Boismier

Noah’s Ark Pot Belly Pig Sanctuary, Inc.

New Port Richey, Florida

Written by 

OrthoVet LLC Administrator

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