OrthoVet Hinged Dog Leg Splint or brace


  OrthoVet is now offering a hinged or articulated  splint or brace option to our product line.  This option is ideal when the dogs leg needs support but also will allow motion at a specific joint space.  We can fabricate the hinged splints for both front and rear legs. 



Hinged splint for front limb.
Hinged splint for front limb.

            Some examples of injuries where a hinged splint is advantageous are, Arthritic conditions at the carpal joint or hock joint,  Tendon and Ligament strains, and nerve damage cases.   We always recommend Veterinary consultation in determining what style of splint or brace is best.

For more information regarding the hinged splint,  please contact us toll free at 866-207-9205 or contactus@orthovet.com.

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