OrthoVet, LLC Splints should be used under the direct supervision of your animals Veterinarian, Physical Therapists or Rehabilitation Professional. The splints/braces are a “Rigid Lower Limb Device” and should not be kept on the animal full time, unless prescribed by your Veterinarian. The animal does risk muscle atrophy if splints are left on for long periods of time. Always refer to your Veterinarian for maximum wearing schedule.

Before you begin…

  • Make sure the animal is inside or in a Controlled Environment before fitting the splint. This will prevent the risk of injury due to the animal breaking away with the splints on.
  • Have an extra person help hold the animal for the first several fittings.
  • Unfasten all Velcro straps before starting to apply the splint.
  • Apply a stockinet or use CoHere Vet Wrap. (CoHere can be purchased directly from OrthoVet)
  • To watch videos on how to accurately fit an OrthoVet splint, click here.

Adjusting an OrthoVet, LLC splints
An OrthoVet splint can be customized for a better fit. Please call our office before trimming or modifying a splint. Our customer service staff can advise on the best procedure for making the adjustment.

OrthoVet, LLC 360-433-6161

Wearing Schedule
An OrthoVet, LLC splint should not be left on the animal for long periods of time. Never leave the animal unsupervised with the splint on.

Introduce the splint slowly when fitting for the first several times. Two hours on – Two hours off, and remove the splint at night when animal is quiet.

For best results, always consult with your Veterinarian for the appropriate wearing schedule for your pet.

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