Making Adjustments to an OrthoVet Splint

Making Adjustments

“Italian Greyhound with Carpal instability”

In some cases it is necessary to make an adjustment or customization to an OrthoVet splint.  Some examples are, the splint is a bit to small or large in an area.  The animals limb seems to be rubbing or has a pressure spot.  The splint may be to high or long and needs material removed to achieve a good fit.

All these customizations can be done by heating the splint with a heat gun or trimming with a pair of shears.  We also provide a “training video” on our website that explains the process in full detail.  You may also send the splint back to us and we will gladly do the customization for you.

Above is an example of an of a custom fit.  The splint had to be adjusted to fit the tiny limb of this Italian Greyhound.

OrthoVet Brochure


Please feel free to copy our brochure.  It is a handy way to inform your Veterinarian about our product or when someone may need a splint for their pet.