OrthoVet Splinting products were designed to keep your pet on the move! Here’s a brief list of advantages:

  • Prevents knuckling of lower limbs associated with nerve paralysis
  • Easy and affordable custom-fit solutions click here
  • Allows weight bearing of injured limb
  • Supports limb in natural walking position
  • Post-surgery protection and support, cheap insurance!
  • Immobilizes limbs for wound healing, burn therapy and skin grafts
  • Reduces the costs associated with recurring vet visits. An OrthoVet splint can be taken on and off at home
  • Provides easy access to daily wound therapy
  • Waterproof and weather resistant! – Great choice for rehabilitation and pets who love to play outside 
  • Lightweight construction and premium foam lining. OrthoVet only uses the best materials!
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Note: OrthoVet splints are manufactured in-house allowing us to make minor adjustments/modifications if needed.  

All OrthoVet products are proudly made in the USA and ship from Washington State.

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